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Stability Constant Computation Programs   Information

Hyperquad2013: potentiometric data



Applications: A selected bibliography of applications
HypSpec2014: spectrophotometric data (with or without pH )   D Development: How algorithms have developed
HypNMR HypNMR: NMR chemical shift data (shifts averaged by virtue of fast exchange)   step by step Step by step: instructions for using Hyperquad, HypSpec and HypNMR (external web-site)
HypDH stability constants and enthalpies from calorimetric data   related

Related topics SC-Database, Soleq, useful links, other programs, kinetic data, databases, hardware

HySS HySS2009: Simulation of titration curves and production of speciation plots for publication. Freeware   history History: A chronological listing of developments in stability constant calculations

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Conference: ISMEC 2015 Wroclaw, Poland.24-28 June 2015 (

Monograph   Book
SC-CD Stability Constants CD: An interactive monograph on CD-ROM: Stability Constants: Determination and Uses   Explore the black boxes used for data fitting!
Further details from the publisher.


Glee GLEE: Determination of standard electrode potential by a Gran method


VLpH: Calibration of glass electrode for use at very low pH
Definitions and explanations (pdf document)
Carbonate impurity (pdf document) The effects of a cabonate impurity on titration curves
Useful reference
  "Recommended procedure for testing the potentiometric apparatus and technique for the pH-metric measurement of metal-complex equilibrium constants",
A. Braibanti, G. Ostacoli, P. Paoletti, L. D. Pettit and S. Sammartano , Pure Appl. Chem., 1987, 59(12), 1721-1728. ( pdf available )