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Determination of stability constants and formation enthalpies from calorimetric data

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Peter Gans Protonic Software
Antonio Sabatini University of Florence
Alberto Vacca University of Florence


For further details concerning the way the program works see P. Gans, A. Sabatini and A. Vacca, Simultaneous Calculation of Equilibrium Constants and Standard Formation Enthalpies from Calorimetric Data for Systems with Multiple equilibria in solution, J. Solution Chem., (2008) 37, 467-476. view paper (requires Acrobat reader)

This program (updated from HypDH to HypCal) enables the calculation of

in systems where one or more complexes are in equilibrium in solution with a set of reagents. It is a Windows application. Key features are as follows

* Corrected heat is the heat developed in a titration step, corrected for all non-chemical effects such as heat of dilution, calorimeter effects etc.

This example shows a system with three reagents and eight complexes Stability constants and reaction enthalpies for all complexes except ML, MLH and M2L (M = MeHg+, L = gly-) have been determined in separate experiments. The formation enthalpies are "live", that is, they change with every change of stability constant.

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