Hyperquad Simulation and Speciation

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HySS is a program that can be used to perform 2 distinct functions.

For details concerning the algorithm, etc. see L. Alderighi , P. Gans, A. Ienco , D. Peters, A. Sabatini and A. Vacca, "Hyperquad simulation and speciation (HySS): a utility program for the investigation of equilibria involving soluble and partially soluble species", Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 184 (1999) 311-318. view paper (requires Acrobat reader)

The plots produced by HySS are designed to be suitable for publication. Corresponding to the plots there is also the possibility of producing tables of concentrations that can be used, for example, in a program like Excel or Origin to produce customized plots.

2009.The program may be downloaded, free of charge. Download and save the HySS2009 installation file (8.2MB) Install HySS2009.EXE . Run it to install the software.

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