Equilibrium Constants from Spectrophotometric and/or Potentiometric Data

Written by

Peter Gans Protonic Software
Antonio Sabatini University of Florence
Alberto Vacca University of Florence

Hyperquad2006 has been superceded by Hyperquad2008 in regard to the treatment of just potentiometric data.

Hyperquad2006 can be used to derive stability constants from spectrophotometric batch or titration data. It can also handle both potentiometric and spectrophotometric data obtained on the same solutions, but in this respect HypSpec is the program to use. Hyperquad2006 is a Windows™ application. The basis for the stability constant refinement has been published: P. Gans, A. Sabatini and A. Vacca, Talanta, (1996), 43, 1739-1753. view paper (requires Acrobat reader).

Data pre-processing functions

Stability constant refinement

Analysis of results

Ancillary material

The package includes 16 sets of sample data, each one illustrating a different type of calculation such as ligand protonation (both by potentiometry and by spectrophotometry), metal complex formation (likewise), ternary complex formation, competition method, oxygen complexes, systems including redox reactions etc. There is also a detailed Help file which has descriptions of all the program's functions.

System requirements

Hyperquad2006 designed to run on a PC under the Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista operating systems. There are no specific system requirements, but a screen resolution greater than 800*600 pixels is desirable in order to permit interactive preliminary data fitting.

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