Equilibrium Constants from Potentiometric Data

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Peter Gans Protonic Software
Antonio Sabatini University of Florence
Alberto Vacca University of Florence

Hyperquad2008 is a Windows™ application that can that can be used to derive equilibrium constants from experimental data. The data are usually obtained by means of potentiometric titration. Hyperquad2008 is the latest in a long series of developments. The basis for the stability constant refinement of an earlier version has been published: P. Gans, A. Sabatini and A. Vacca, Talanta, (1996), 43, 1739-1753. view paper (requires Acrobat reader). The 2008 version has many improvements and uses a revised algorithm, making it more powerful and reliable than ever before. For references to published papers see applications.

Principal modules

Ancillary material

The package includes 6 sets of sample data, each one illustrating a different type of calculation. The files are located in the folder \SAMPLES inside the folder where Hyperquad was installed.

  Reagents Data type Comments
pH electrode Protonation of a dibasic acid
Ni gly
pH electrode Formation of metal-ligand complexes
Ni tpt
emf electrode Formation of metal-ligand complexes
Ni Hs Pro
pH electrode Formation of ternary complexes
pH electrode Competition method
Batch data
emf electrode  

An example of each of the supported data import file types is also included in the \SAMPLES folder.

The Help file has detailed descriptions of all the program's functions. Context-sensitive help is provided.

System requirements

Hyperquad2008 designed to run on a PC under the Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista operating systems. There are no specific system requirements.


For further details and information on how to obtain the program please contact peter.gans@hyperquad.co.uk.

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