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Data types

Hyperquad is programmed to accept data in various forms. The data may be entered by hand or collected by means of an automated titrator and stored in a file.

Data collected by hand can be entered directly into Hyperquad. Alternatively it can be stored in an ASCII text file; probably the simplest form of file contains volume, electrode reading data pairs as in this partial example (volume, pH data pairs).

0.62, 8.423
0.64, 8.586
0.65, 8.669

The may be created using any text editor (e.g. Word Pad). The extension may be TXT or, preferably, IPD (Instrument Potentiometric Data) for easy recognition with Hyperquad.

Data produced by automatic titrators in the following forms is currently recognized.

Other formats can easily be accommodated. If you wish to use another format then please send a sample data file, together with a brief description of its contents, to Peter Gans .

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